Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Hosts the CLR in-process for greater control. Your stored procedures will be written in managed code. Must be verified managed code. This means greater flexibility while maintaining security and server stability.

  • Takes over CLR memory allocation
    • Yukon takes all the memory for caching, and then provides it back to the CLR as needed.
  • Takes over CLR exception handling
  • Takes over CLR security model
  • Takes over thread scheduling
    • Runs fibers, not threads, so MS SQL server schedules them.
  • Inspects managed code before it is loaded
    • There are security overrides to get unmanaged code to load.
    • Prefers no static data.
  • Aborts/Terminates user code at the slightest provocation
    • This includes infinite loops or any process that takes too long.

User defined data types and aggregates will be supported.

MS SQL Server only works with .net 2.0

Borland has a new database that runs completely in process with 100% managed code. It is based on JDataStore. More details on that as they become available. Called NDataStore, runs on the compact framework. Only has a 1 mb assembly, smaller for the compact framework.

Yukon is Microsoft's attempt to enter the enterprise.

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