Tuesday, September 14, 2004

What's new in Diamondback - Allen Bauer

Allen Bauer's Presentation will be focused on the IDE specifically.. the room is packed (standing room only)

Multiple personality IDE

  • Delphi Win32
  • Delphi for .NET
  • C#


  • Win32 & .Net debuggers working simultaneously.
  • Debugging .Net code hosting a Win32 process
  • AppDomain support in the Module View for managed apps. (App domains show up in the modules panes and in the scope browser pane)
  • Soring in the modules view
  • Better stack traces in Win32 apps (for frames that don't have Debug Info) (Even after an Exception!)
  • Locals view allows for changing frames in Win32
  • Exception notification dialog enhancements
    • Break/continue buttons
    • Ignore Exceptions type check box
    • .Net exceptions now show the exception message on dialog
  • Unicode enabling view that show program data (watch, locals, inspector, stack, etc...)
  • Connect to IIS better
  • Better evaluators
  • CPU View


  • Rename detections naming conflicts
  • Extract method
  • Extract Resource string
  • Sync Edit
  • Find unit or namespace
  • Declare Field
  • Declare Variable
  • C# & Delphi (Win32 & .NET)
  • Refactoring will cross languages, if you change a C# symbol and it is used in Delphi code the engine will change both!!!
  • Will refactor DFM Values as well.


  • Select a section of code and press the SynEdit Button or Shift-Ctrl-J
  • Then you can tab through common symbols, and change all symbol of the same name at the same time.
  • This is COOL!

VCL Designer

  • Floating Designer will be supported!!!! Even for VCL for .NET (But not Winform's)
  • Drag and Drop from the component palette is now support instead of just click and click. (BTW click and click is still supported)

Structure View

  • Similar to Object Tree View
  • Shows Errors from Error Insight (see Below)

Error Insight

  • Shows Errors by underlining
  • Such as undeclared identifiers.
  • Does not require a Compile

Component Palette

  • Custom Categories allow you to move components for other sections in your own.
  • Completely Customizable
    • Icon Size
    • Show Caption's
    • Plus (5-15 More options that I could not record fast enough)

Project Manager

  • Has File Management functionality
  • Shows Source Tree
  • Right Click (Rename)
  • Right Click (Add Folders)

File|New Other Dialog

  • Much better,tree view down the side instead of all of the tabs.

Help Insight

  • If you place your mouse over a symbol
  • It will tell you where it is declared and the parameters.
  • If an Xml Document is generated for the given symbol it will give that help as well.
  • If a parameter has help it you can click on it an see the help for that parameter as well.

History Tab

  • Shows all of the changes that you have made to the file.
  • Saves X number of changes to your file.
  • Easy to revert to a previous copy
  • Diff Viewer to see all of the changes.
  • Does not require Star Team
  • Enhanced if Star Team is installed because you see items in the repository as well.

Then he ran out time, after talking with him he covered <>

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