Monday, September 06, 2004

Programming Language Popularity: The TCP Index for September, 2004

"This article is based on information provided by Tiobe Software ( ).

Here on, we have decided to post the TIOBE Programming Community (TPC) Index. This is just one possible means of indicating the popularity of a langauge.
In the month of September, some changes have occurred on the index that may raise a few questions. Most notably C had bumped Java out of the top spot. Less of a surprise, yet still interesting is the rise once again for Delphi/Pascal/Kylix for three more positions. It has now moved up to the number 7 postiion. Python also rose three spots, but that is less of a surprise. In looking at the delta for the past year, it is no surprise that Visual Basic and Python are the two langauges that continue to show the largest increases. Java shows one of the biggest decreases. Check back in October to see if Java's drop is a fluke or if change is in the air!"

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