Tuesday, September 14, 2004

New Borland Product: nDataStore

Notes on what features it has:

  • jDataStore Code ported from Java -> C#
  • First Class .NET Database
  • 100% Managed Code written C#
  • Local connection is done In Process
  • Remote connection is done remotely.
  • Fault Tolerant
  • Delphi/C#/VB Stored Procedure.
  • On disk structure identical for:
    • .net framework
    • .net compact framework
    • Linux/Solaris (jDataStore)
  • 1.1M Deployment for .NET Framework
  • 925K Deployment to .NET Compact Framework

My personal thoughts: This is a unique and exciting technology to try. There is only one other database that I know of that supports Managed Code Stored Procedures and that was the SQL Server 2005. However, nDataStore has a smaller footprint, and looks like it will work well as an embeded database.

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